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ZIM water-1
ZIM water-25
ZIM water-28
ZIM water-3
ZIM water-40
ZIM water-39
Ruti -6
Ruti -2
ZIM water-31
Ruti -8
ZIM water-46
ZIM water-30
ZIM water-42
Ruti -7
ZIM water-44
ZIM water-41
Ruti Irrigation Scheme 1
Ruti -1
ZIM water-32
ZIM water-27

In the semi-arid south-eastern region of Zimbabwe there is a dam. It was build many years ago by the government but due to difficult terrain, there had been many failed attempts to access the water and transport it to the land where it could be used for irrigation. The Ruti Irrigation scheme, an OXFAM initiative provided the technology to do this and for several years local farmers worked together to realise their dreams of bumper crops. Sadly extreme weather conditions are against them and recently crops have failed or livestock killed.

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